Geordie Pool Hand Made Professional Range



The Geordie Pool Hand Made Professional Snooker cue Range consists of 3 different styles of snooker cues…

The topaz which features The darkest finest quality ebony with contrasting aqua coloured splice along the front of the cue….

The Harlequin snooker cue which features a dark brown rare wood four point splice with orange inlays contrasting against the dark ebony….

The Emerald snooker cue witch features four point rare wood splicing with light blue and maple four point inlays….

All of these snooker cues are hand planed from start to finish they have not been put on any machine, ¾ joints and 9.75mm tip, solid brass name plates…. Each piece of wood has been hand selected to ensure the highest quality darkest ebony and finest ash shafts with rare wood splices….

Each cue comes complete with a 9” spliced mini butt and a 29” spliced extension free of charge!!